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Contesting Software

Writelog Contesting Software

Software for CW, SSB and RTTY Contesting. This is a comemrcial product and cost is $30 per year.

N1MM Logger Plus

N1MM Plus Logger is FREE Contest logging software. Useful for all forms of contest operation.

This is the software used by Contest Station, KI8W, N8XX and K9CT

RTTY Contesting.com

The absolute resource for everything about RTTY Contesting - Created by Don AA5AU

ARRL Contest Calendar

All ARRL contests for 2017 are listed at the link below. A generic ARRL contest calendar is also provided that gives the weekends for all our events, to assist with long-term planning of your contest operations. The "Contest Corral" files include non-ARRL events. This site also contains ARRL contest rules, tutorials and log submission information.

Click here for the ARRL contest site (Login required)

CQ Magazine Contest Information

As part of CQ Magazine's ongoing commitment to serving the active radio operator and to encouraging on-the-air activities, this magazine sponsors several contests during the year. Often these contests are some of the best of the year. Check out their contesting pages.

Click here for main contest page.

Click herefor annual contest calendar.

QSO Party Contest Information

All 50 states in the US hold an annual "QSO Party" where hams try to work every county in their own states and as many stations as they can outside their own state. Parties are normally run during a specific number of hours on the weekend.

This is a fun, low pressure, contest ideal for beginners. Some GRARA members activate the Red Cross radio room to take advantage of the 600 watt linear amplifier. Other GRARA members team-up to establish portable stations in nearby counties that don't normally activate QSO Party stations. Still other members operate mobile from as many countys as they can. All Michigan stations try to work as many Michigan counties, states and Canadian provinces as they can in the 12 hour contest period. This is a great chance for Michigan hams's chance to really shine.

Click here for the Michigan QSO Party Site

Click here for the WA7BNW QSO Party Calendar

The Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)

For CW contesting, activities or to just get help getting started with Morse code, the SKCC group is for you. The fastest growing group of mechanical-key CW operators in the world. First organized in January 2006, the club has grown rapidly to include thousands of members from all corners of the globe.

Here's how it works:

Membership is free.

SKCC numbers are issued for life. To Get yours click here.

Exchange SKCC numbers using a straight key, bug, or side swiper.

Fox Hunting Information

Michigan Fox Hunter is a loosely knit group of amateur radio operators who enjoy the extremely challenging and fun segment of our hobby called "hidden transmitter hunting", "fox hunting", "amateur radio direction finding (ARDF)", "bunny hunting" or just "radio direction finding (RDF). We have found that clubs that promote hidden transmitter hunt activities enjoy a new spark in their organization and renewed comradery among members.

Because of the simplicity of the equipment required, both young and old can easily move into winning roles in fox hunting competitions. How often we have seen the young ham come to our club meetings with his/her only piece of equipment in hand -- the hand held transceiver or "HT". Show him how to make a simple tape-measure yagi antenna and he is ready for hidden transmitter hunting.

It's the goal of MichiganFoxHunter.com to promote and enable fox Hunting activities in clubs all over the State of Michigan.

Click here for the MichiganFoxHunter yahoo group.

Click here for the MichiganFoxHunter.com web site

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